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Welcome to the We Make History History 4 Schools Page!


We are pleased you have come and are grateful for this opportunity to share with you our mission to support your instructive efforts by means of creative, interactive education which makes history real, alive and three-dimensional to a very visually oriented generation.

There are several means by which we support this effort in schools – at all grade levels - whether public school, charter school, private school, Christian school  or home school organization – and we are always open to new and creative ideas as well!



We enjoy doing these in "first person" but can do them in "third person" as well. They can be tailored for various age groups and group sizes from a handful to thousands. They can be interactive and conversational with Q & A or can be staged presentations with a dramatic monologue. Many characters from history are available. George Washington is our most popular but a few of our many others are William Bradford, Bonnie Prince Charlie, a colonial governor, Martha Washington, Betsy Ross, Patrick Henry, an English aristocrat, Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers, politicians of both sides of the Civil War, pioneers … and more.



We have the ability to provide a couple of different very unique interactive experiences which involve several or many actors/living historians.

One is to have several different "characters" from a certain event or time period go "round robin" between several classrooms, each character giving a talk about who they are and their experiences in "first person" mode!

Another is to have a larger scale outdoor event that could include a small battle reenactment and which could be done in either "first person" or "third person" mode.

And we are open to creative suggestions!



Respect is the underpinning discipline to historic dance forms and ballroom etiquette of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. We teach historic dance as well as the respect, manners and cultural mores that are so intrinsically intertwined with it. Interactive, instructive demonstrations include students in this step back into our cultural and artistic history. We'll have them bowing, curtsying and dancing in no time!



We hold eight of these per year, each with its own historic setting. They are a wonderful “extra credit” opportunity for older middle school, high school and college students who may be surprised to discover that a large portion of our enthusiasts who are regularly involved are just their age!



We are consulted by individuals and institutions from all over the world regarding the topic of historic attire and are well known for our historic reproduction garments as well as articles written on the subject. Historic fashion makes for a fascinating workshop topic, easily demonstrated with reproductions, and gives so many clues to the culture of a given time and place.



Held each November in Queen Creek, Arizona, the American Heritage Festival is the largest living history event in The Southwest featuring diverse civilian and military portrayals and displays ranging from Colonial times to the Vietnam era. Colonists, patriots, pioneers, mountain men, craftsmen and actors and reenactors of all ages are part of this unique educational event as are battle reenactments of the American Revolution, the Civil War and more.

Our 2007 School Day (for school tours only) will be held Friday, November 16th. (There is a limit to how many may attend and this day always fills up!)

Saturday, November 17th and Sunday, November 18th are open to the general public but school groups are welcome to attend these days as well.

Please see www.AmericanHeritageFestival.com where there is a link which teachers may use to sign up for e-notices regarding School Day. Also see this year's School Day page here.


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We Make History


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Notes from Friends in the Education Community

To fellow teachers,

Last year my class and I attended the American Heritage Festival and I am so excited to attend again this fall!  As a fifth grade teacher, I expected the event to cover the history basics my students would learn throughout the year.  I could never have anticipated the positive effect this event had on my fifth graders!  The students found themselves completely emerged in America's history, from pre-Revolution to World War II.  The learning that took place that day could never have been duplicated in my classroom.  History was indeed brought to life that day for my students, and it stayed with them throughout the year. I was able to refer back to the event during lessons on the Revolution, westward movement, Civil War, and in comparing the past to the present.  When wrapping up the school year, I asked the class to list some of their favorite events.  Without fail, this festival appeared on every student's list!  I have advised all of my coworkers that this is a must-see event for all students, and I hope that many more teachers allow their students to step into the past.  I can't thank “We Make History” enough for making it possible for history to come to life for my students through the American Heritage Festival! It's something all of us should experience.



Amy C.

Gilbert School District


Hats off to the American Heritage Festival and everyone who worked so hard to put it together!!!

I took 65 students from two different schools to the American Heritage Festival.  I heard nothing but terrific comments from students and parents upon our return to school. 

We researched the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and many great Americans before we went to the Festival so they had an idea of what they were going to see.  It was much more than they expected and helped to make this part of American history more meaningful to them.

The week after our wonderful adventure at the AHF we put our research and our experiences together to write about what we had learned. 

George and Martha Washington and three lovely young ladies were gracious enough to visit the students and their parents at our school. What a wonderful finale to our adventure.  We hope to do it again next year!

I can’t thank you enough for making history come alive for my students!


Gifted Teacher

Queen Creek, Arizona


Dear We Make History,

I am pleased to say that our students and parent chaperones loved the festival. I and my fellow teachers found the event highly educational and we were able to meet many state standards.

Our school will certainly plan to attend next year.

A Second Grade Teacher.    Mesa, Arizona 


I wanted to thank you all for a wonderful experience at the school day for the American Heritage Festival. I brought my fifth grade class, along with four others, and I can't tell you how valuable the experience was for all of us.  The students walked away with a greater appreciation for the difficulties faced by our forefathers. The reenactors they encountered took the time to make careful explanations, and were courteous and friendly at all times.  After only a week has passed, I have already used the event several times to illustrate our history lessons. You have provided an experience which brings history to life, and the students will not forget it. Thank you for all you do!


5th Grade Teacher    Gilbert, Arizona


To whom it may concern:

I attended the festival for the first time last year. I found the festival to be well-organized and of high academic value and interest to my students. My students were able to observe firsthand the authentic recreation of the clothing, weapons, and household items from many different time periods as well as the language and social customs. In addition, my students were thrilled to “meet” such famous Americans as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

As a teacher, I was thrilled that the festival met many required state standards regarding history, writing, and drama and I was able to implement our trip to the festival into many of my classroom lessons.

I truly believe that history is best taught through submersion and hands on activities, and in this the American Heritage Festival succeeds in all aspects. My students learned more about American history in the two hours spent at the festival than I could have taught them in an entire semester.

Needless to say, my school will not only return to the festival this year, but every year as I now consider The American Heritage Festival to be one of my annual field trips.

Jody D.

Burke Basic School

Second Form Lead Teacher


Dear Lord Scott,

We appreciate your efforts with the American Heritage Festival. The students got a taste of history and enjoyed their time there. Thank you!

Mrs. Jill C.

Glendale, Arizona


The students had a wonderful time!

Nan V.

Montessori School

Phoenix, Arizona


Wow, what a GREAT event!  Just wanted to thank you for a very well put-together event.  It was very impressive, and I'm sure our school will be back.

Josh E.

Gilbert, Arizona

From an educational convention at the state capital...
"We've been to Williamsburg and seen their Patrick Henry. He is good. But Scott is far better. He is absolutely riveting as he brings Mr. Henry to life."
From a homeschool gathering...
"Your John Bunyan was so good we just had to bring you back as William Bradford and then as a pioneer. It is really a gift the way you are able to communicate the personal aspects of history to so many age levels and keep everyone's interest so completely. We have all learned a great deal and enjoyed doing so."
From a teacher...

"I must write to tell you once again how much we enjoyed your visit. My students talked for quite some time about all the facts they learned from your presentation. One student’s comment on his end of the year evaluation was that of all the extra activities we did this year, your visit was the best because he learned so much from you and found your visit so interesting.       

Thank you again for coming to our school and teaching us about your career as the humble General who led our infant nation with integrity and grace, earning the respect of your contemporaries as well as generations of Americans to follow. My students now count themselves among your admirers, thanks to your engaging portrayal that brought General Washington to life at our school."


From a teacher...

Dear General Washington,

It is now the end of our school year, and though you and your lovely family visited our campus several months ago, I find that I must write to tell you once again how much we enjoyed your visit. My students talked for quite some time about all the facts they learned from your presentation. One student’s comment on his end of the year evaluation was that of all the extra activities we did this year, your visit was the best because he learned so much from you and found your visit so interesting.

            Thank you again for coming to our school and teaching us about your career as the humble General who led our infant nation with integrity and grace, earning the respect of your contemporaries as well as generations of Americans to follow. My students now count themselves among your admirers, thanks to your engaging portrayal that brought General Washington to life at Emmaus Lutheran School.

 God’s blessings on your future endeavors.

Ami B.      3rd and 4th Grade Teacher      Emmaus Lutheran School


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Lord Scott honored us in making an appearance as General George Washington on Monday March 21st at the State Capitol for a Homeschool Rally sponsored by Arizona Families for Home Education, the statewide homeschool organization.

Scott was asked at the last minute to address the crowd of over 200 homeschooling parents and children.  He rose to the challenge and encouraged us all with his impromptu speech.  Scott has a natural ability in public speaking.  We were very pleased and inspired by what he shared with those in attendance at the Capitol.

Scott is a person who values family and honor.  We feel privileged to be acquainted with this noble, humble man with a vision for unity and appreciation for the rich history we have as a nation.  He is an inspiration to those he encounters.



Arizona Families for Home Education


Lord Scott of We Make History was hired as an historical interpreter in November 2004 for our Advanced Placement and Regular United States History classes.  He made two appearances—one as a circa 1861 Southern planter politician and a second as a circa 1865 New England banker.   

Having heard of the reputation for quality and historical accuracy that precedes this gentleman's organization, We Make History, Horizon hired him at first opportunity.  His professionalism became evident from the first correspondence.  We made arrangements with ease and clarity.  From the moment he walked onto campus, his manner demonstrated a high level of interest, character and courtesy.  His presentations engaged students immediately and held their rapt attention for the duration of the ninety-minute periods. 

As an historical impersonator, Mr. Scott demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of subject matter, as well as admirably convincing character portrayal.  Many students commented later that it seemed as if someone stepped forward in time and walked right into their classroom!  Following the character portrayal, Mr. Scott opened the presentation up to questions from the students.  Again, displaying a comprehensive awareness of the complexity of the time period, Mr. Scott interacted with and responded to a wide variety of inquiries with ease and attentiveness.  His manner of communication seemed to impart a deeper understanding among the students, regardless of their ability level.  He related to the individual’s comment or question with a clear perception of his audience.  Mr. Scott concluded his presentation with an invitation for student involvement with the We Make History organization, thereby extending the learning opportunity for all.

I highly recommend this gentleman for any future historical appearances. 


D. B.    Advanced Placement United States History Teacher


Dear Capt. Scott,

On behalf of the Sacred Heart Home Educators Boys’ Club, I sincerely want to thank both you and Pvt. Shetler for the wonderful Civil War presentation.  What better way to make history come alive for our youth than to teach “in persona.”  You chose a particular date, November 10, 1861, and spoke to our group about the battles you had fought in so far, the weapons you carried, the uniform you wore, but most importantly, you allowed us to peak into the hearts and minds of the southern men of that time. We felt the love they had for their home (Virginia). We saw their manners, their respect for women and their regard for those they fought against.  We experienced a real connection with the men and boys that fought during the Civil War, much more than any textbook could relate.

We had many wonderful comments from the boys.  One was “astounded that the costumes were authentic.”  Another loved the fact that you snapped your fingers to switch from 1861 to 2006.  The weapons, of course, were a big hit, with one young man in our group saying, “It was cool to see the kind of swords they carried.”  My son loved the question and answer session but was sorry when it ended since he had many more questions he wanted to ask.  All in all, I think the overall consensus with the boys is that they now have more of an understanding as to why Virginia made the decision to leave the Union.

Thank you again for this wonderful experience. God bless you for sharing your time and talent.




Dear Sir:

Thank you for your presentation as Patrick Henry to the students and parents of Teen Pact. You arrived at the State Capitol in the wardrobe of the famous statesman. You were eloquent in your speech and inspired us all. Thank you again. I plan to tell the other homeschool groups that they can invite you to speak. Please feel free to use me a reference for future bookings of Patrick Henry.